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We welcome you in the name of our LORD and SAVIOUR JESUS CHRIST!! If you are not a Christian, we hope that you will find some useful information here, and that the seed planted will result in your salvation. We will not lie to you, it is our prayer that all be saved- including YOU! We believe in JESUS CHRIST and HIS saving power. HE has the power to save, to heal and to change you.
For believers who happen to visit this site, we invite you to join our page. Devoted living daily ministry is a vision and mission to reach the lost and follow JESUS as closely as
possible.Reformed, and other born-again Christians! We strictly adhere to the Word of GOD and seek to work together for GOD's glory and the salvation of the world.
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Devoted Living Daily Ministry Mission is raising funds to go to South Africa, and be a part of a mission that will uplift a neighbourhood while setting up in veriest areas where worship and prayer will move the atmosphere. There will also be outreaches to the communities. Join us in this fundraiser! Whether you donate £5 or £200. Every little bit helps.

Want to join me in supporting a good cause? I'm raising money for Devoted Living Daily Ministry and your contribution will make an impact, whether you donate a little or a lot. Anything helps. Thank you for your support. I've included information about Devoted Living Daily Ministry below.

"Our charity is a not-for-profit organisation recognised as charitable by HMRC for tax purposes"

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